Top six bean bag games to engage the kids

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Your kid is growing fast and is looking to face more challenges every day. Bean bag games are a nice way to engage the kids, especially when there are growing. You can do many things with those bean bags since they are light weight and will be handy for the kids. There are actually a lot more ways to use bean bags with kids than you might think of at first. Here are some of the top ways you can use them for kids games.

  1. Bean bag contest – it’s a smart approach to engaging the kids of age 4+. The main aim of the game is to pass the bean bag and keep it going for a long time. One kid will hand over the bag to the other, with hands crossed. If the bag falls. The game starts again.
  2. Cross Challenge – It is one of the funniest among all the bean bag games. Here the kids, whose number must be 8 and above, have to be arranged in crossed manner, so that kid 1, 3, 5, 7 stand in one line. They will throw the bag to each other. The round will be completed, when a kid in the 8th position will have all the bags with him or her. The kid will then be moved to 1st position, and the game will continue.Bean-bag-games-for-kids
  3. Shape finding game – The kids are 3+ in age, and they have started to identify their colors and shapes. Just arrange the kids in a circle, draw some squares and other shapes with sidewalk chalk on the pavement. Use some different colored bean bags and throw them on the shapes. The kids will identify the shapes and the colors and will be engaged in some fun games as well.
  4. Toss Games – Let the kids identify objects and practice throwing. Toss game will engage them ideally in such games. Use bins or boxes, empty shoe cases and other objects big enough to hold several bean bags, and let the kids throw their bean bags in them. They will identify the shapes and will have fun when their bag goes in.
  5. Football game – The kids while seeing their parents watching a football game, will like to play the game by themselves. Make a football out of white and black felt and filll them with rice or beans. It will be light and will not hurt the kids. They will love to play the game too with other kids, which will engage and be fun for them as well.
  6. Toss the bag game – It is important to have a game to engage the kids when they are feeling bored. You can simply create a cardboard box or use an empty shoe box to get the support. Each of the kids will get five to six chances to throw the bags. You will maintain a sheet to record the scores and to declare a winner.

There are other bean bag games too, and you can come up with your own and have lots of fun playing with the kids. The most important factor that adds value to bean bag games is the light weight nature of the bags. This helps the kids to remain safe with the game and you don’t have to chase them all over the playground like bouncy balls. Where grown ups are playing professional games and can get an injury, injury for the kids is more likely. You can bean bag games in similar ways but with less risk of injury.   Let us know your favorite ways to use bean bags with kids!

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